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County Map of Ireland

Google Map of Ireland

Google map of Ireland


How To Get A Street View?

To zoom into an area simply double click on a point on the map below

To view an area at street level simply drag the orange stickman symbol onto any street on the map

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But first, here's some history on the map of Ireland


Early Map of Ireland

The first map of Ireland was drawn up based on the charts and diaries of sailors from Greece, Rome and other parts of the Mediterranean. As you'd expect, they were not very accurate. As more and more visitors came to Ireland, the maps of the coast improved and the blank spaces of the land were filled in with greater accuracy. This process was slow and took several centuries. Some areas of Connaught were badly mapped up into the late Middle Ages. An early map of Ireland was typically drawn up by the military, for offensive or defensive reasons. The military continued to play an important role in the creation of the map of Ireland until the end of the nineteenth century.


Ptolemy's Map of Ireland

Ireland featured in Ptolemy's account of the world which he wrote circa 120 AD. A map of Ireland based on Ptolemy's writings was created in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. While Ptolemy's map has similarities to today's maps of Ireland, there are a number of discrepancies. Ptolemy (Claudius Ptolemy) was a Greek mathematician, astrologer, astronomer and geographer. Ptolemy lived in Egypt under Roman rule and produced maps by using the accounts and reports of seafarers, traders, and the military, which he utilised together with his knwowledge of mathematics.


Maps Of Ireland Images

 map of ireland ptolemy map of ireland 1610 map of ireland today


Map Of Ireland in the 17th Century


The Down Survey Of Ireland

Following the Conquest of Ireland by Oliver Cromwell at the beginning of the 1650s, the Commonwealth government owed money to lots of private individuals, especially adventurers who had advanced substantial sums of money to finance the war in Ireland. Also, soldiers who fought in the war were owed substantial arrears of pay. It was decided that both classes were to be repayed by the granting of confiscated lands to them in Ireland. To make this possible, William Petty was appointed and he set about surveying the island of Ireland. After his appointment in 1654, he set about to measure and map forfeited lands accross Ireland. He defined the boundaries of the baronies within the counties and his survey became known as the Down Survey, as the measurements were ‘laid down’ as maps. These were the first accurate maps of Ireland.


Google Street View

Google Street View Ireland is a feature of Google Maps and Google Earth Ireland that provides amazing panoramic views from positions along many streets across the globe. Street View images appear (Where available), as you zoom in beyond the highest zooming level in the map. This can also be achieved by dragging a "pegman" icon onto any location on the map. Google Street View Ireland displays panoramas of images which are stitched together after being taken from a fleet of specially adapted cars. Google Street View was first introduced in the United States in 2007. Google Maps Street View allows you to explore places in the world with 360 degree, panoramic, and street level imagery. Please go and visit the other video pages on this site. Thank you for visiting this google map of ireland page.


map of ireland  map of ireland red hair girl


Modern Map of Ireland

Between 1829 and 1842 the Ordnance Survey of Ireland completed a large-scale survey of an entire country.
These maps are acclaimed for their accuracy, and are regarded by cartographers as amongst the finest produced.
As the national mapping archive service for Ireland, the Ordnance Survey of Ireland has captured this and later mapping data in a digitised format. These concise maps are particularly relevant for genealogy or those with an interest in Irish social history.


Geographical Facts About Ireland

The most northerly point of Ireland is Inishtrahull Island, which is situated in the Atlantic Ocean 7 km north of Inishowen Peninsula, County Donegal
The most easterly point of Ireland is Big Bow Meel Island, which is a rock situated about 900 metres off the Ards Peninsula, County Down
The most southerly point of Ireland is Fastnet Rock, which lies in the Atlantic Ocean about 11.3 km south of mainland County Cork
The most westerly point of Itreland is Tearaght Island, which lies in the Atlantic Ocean approximately 12.5 km west of Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry
The geographical centre of Ireland is to be found in the eastern part of county Roscommon, at a point 3km south of Athlone town
The summit of Mt Carrantuohill in County Kerry, rises to 1,041 metres above sea level
The sea cliffs at Croaghaun on the Achill Islands off western Ireland fall 668 metres into the Atlantic Ocean

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Below is a google map of Ireland which has been made possible by the google maps mapping application

In addition to standard road maps, Google Maps offers
aerial and satellite views of many locations. In some places Google Maps offers street views comprising photographs taken from vehicles

Please feel free to explore the map of Ireland

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